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  • Welcome to Salt Sanctuary!

    Welcome to The Salt Sanctuary, Brisbane’s first and Australia’s most advanced Salt Cave Therapy clinic.

    You will feel revitalised when you are able to breathe deeper and without irritation when your airways widen as a result of this 100% natural, drug free and chemical free therapy, which has helped thousands of people since the 1840’s in Europe.

  • Meditation & Breath-Work Classes

    Make the most of your Salt Therapy experience and combine it with a Meditation & Breath-Work Class. Classes focus on yogic pranayamabreath techniques to help you:

    • Detoxify and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit
    • Strengthen and balance your immune system
    • Expand your lungs and oxygenate your blood
    • Clear your mind and expand your awareness
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  • Who Can Benefit from Salt Therapy?

    Whilst salt therapy has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of many common respiratory & skin conditions, it’s also great for general health, stress relief and relaxation. The negative ions in the room immediately make you feel calm and at peace.

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  • Kids Rainbow Relaxation Classes

    Would you like your child to feel CONFIDENT & RELAXED when dealing with the every day stress of today's world?

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  • Salt Lamps at Salt Sanctuary

    Take home one of our authentic Himalayan salt lamps today. These exquisite lights bring a sense of calmness and purity to your home and provide a beautiful, natural glow to any room. Visit our shop in Cleveland to find out more.

  • Information Evening

    With our continued focus on ‘preventative health’ this month we welcome Erika Gitsham from Simple Chemistry Natural Products. Erika is passionate about natural living and protecting her family’s health. This will be a fun DIY workshop on Natural cleaning – learn to make your own natural cleaning products with every-day ingredients – save money and create a healthy home environment. Find out More

What is Salt Therapy?

...halotherapy has been used to provide relief from respiratory problems or certain skin conditions for centuries...

If you have ever breathed easier after spending a few days at the beach, you will know first-hand the relief salt air can provide. Breathing in salt air (otherwise known as halotherapy), has been used to provide relief from respiratory problems or certain skin conditions for centuries.

Salt Therapy at Salt Sanctuary involves stepping into a spacious 'cave-like' room with salt covered walls and floors, settling into a comfortable chair, listening to relaxing music, and breathing in salt infused air. We have two themed Salt Therapy rooms to cater to the needs of young or old. Our tropically themed kids room has a range of play options available, including toys, books, and a television. Our separate adult room offers a tranquil retreat for our clients, who can relax, de-stress, and enjoy the benefits of breathing in salt air.

Therapy sessions run for one hour. BOOK YOUR SALT THERAPY SESSION ONLINE.


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Conditions that Benefit from Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy has been clinically proven to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract. Salt therapy has also been used to treat fluid retention and reduce the effects of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

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How does Salt Therapy treat Asthma and other respiratory and Skin conditions?

...microscopic salt particles can absorb moisture, clear airways and attract allergens ...

Salt Therapy refers to the use of salt in a simulated microclimate (similar to that found in European salt caves) to treat respiratory and skin conditions. The temperature in our sealed salt rooms is kept between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius, humidity is monitored and maintained at 40% to 60%, and the air is constantly infused with negatively charged ions dispersed by a purpose-built halotherapy diffuser. This diffuser grinds pharmaceutical grade salt into superfine particles of between 1 – 5 microns that are then distributed throughout the salt room as a dry salt solution.These microscopic salt particles can be inhaled into the deepest part of the lungs where they can absorb moisture, clear airways and attract allergens. Salt particles resting on exposed skin can help minimise the symptoms of a number of skin conditions.

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