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Samuel B (67) – Cough & Sinus

After having the whooping cough injection, I suffered with a bad cough, sinus, a heavy head, aches and pains, and no energy for 2 months.

After my first session, I felt a great relief. After 8 sessions, I am almost back to normal.

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Amy B (31yrs) – Asthma

Very bad asthma as well as flu and extreme morning sickness from pregnancy.

I had been extremely unwell and feeling very concerned knowing that the medications I have had to take in the past, I would not be able to use because of pregnancy.

I instantly felt better after my first treatment and every treatment since I feel better. I was so happy that on the way home I actually cried as I had not had relief like that in over 15 weeks!!! I have been telling all my family and friends how amazing this place is.

One of the most effective healing sessions I have experienced. Very happy customer. Pregnancy can be very scary when you are an asthmatic. I don’t feel like that any more; I have a much safer option…

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Graham M (73yrs) – Asthma & Lung Disease

I sought salt therapy as I have asthma and lung disease from exposure to asbestos which has left me with breathing problems, at times fighting for breath.
Since commencing salt therapy, I have seen a vast improvement in my breathing.

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Margaret B (73yrs) – Sinus & Allergies

I sought salt therapy for my dry and bellding sinuses and allergies. I have a lack of fluid causing dry ear, nose, throat & eyes. This dryness made it impossible to swallow many foods and I also have G.O.R.D. It also made me wake many times at night with a dry throat, unable to swallow.
I now have water in my eyes, fluid when I sneeze and often a runny nose – which for me is Wonderful! I have not been this good for over 6 years. I no longer take anti-histamines or use nasal spray. The result for me is marvelous. As a BONUS my sun damaged skin on my arms and legs has faded considerably.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Salt Therapy and have done to many of my friends and family.

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Dusan (61yrs) – Poor Sleep & Breathing

I was not sleeping more than 2 to 3 hours at a time without waking up wheezing & coughing up phlegm.
My coughing has improved a lot and I am now sleeping up to 4 to 5 hours at a time before waking up.

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Rosemary B (73yrs) – Sinus & Cough


Prior to salt therapy I had a continual runny nose and cough. Poor sleep due to waking up coughing and sinus problems with a prolonged nasal drip.
I am now sleeping better, I have not had to use a nasal spray for months. I still cough a little bit but not to the extent that I did previously. I am now coming once a week and I find this plus a salt inhaler is keeping me healthy.

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Robyn (63yrs) – Chronic Asthma

20120919 Robyn Webcke Web

After 4 weeks of flu, out of control asthma and severe pain caused by endless coughing, I had reached my lowest ebb. This had become the pattern of my winters for the last 5 years and I knew my life needed to change.
My daughter announced she was taking me for a ‘Salt Therapy Treatment’ and I said, “Whatever!” After a one hour salt therapy session I felt as if I was floating on air. My breathing was clearer, my energy levels had soared and my head felt clearer and more focussed than ever before.
I recommend salt therapy to anyone who has felt ‘half alive’ or has been weighed down by the burden of their allergies. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose.
If nothing else, you will emerge with a feeling of total peace and relaxation.

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Joyce (76) – Bronchiactesis & Asthma


I am back home again in Caboolture. Wanted to let you know how much my time at your rooms helped me. I had heard of Salt Therapy ages ago and then it must have been at least 12 months ago that I saw something on the TV. Then again at the beginning of the year there was another programme on it but it was in Sydney. I was speaking with my daughter and mentioned it, she had never heard of it and then she had a look on the internet, found your place and passed it on to me.
I knew it would work but was amazed that after the first session I was breathing a lot easier. After some more sessions I felt it was the best I had felt since I started getting recurring problems at the beginning of December last year. When I am down in Brisbane again I will certainly visit you (I think my chauffeur will be available at some stage).

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Kay (70) – Psoriasis


I had bad psoriasis. My face was a real mess and my family said I looked like a beetroot!
After a number of session a lot of redness is going and it also doesn’t feel like my face is on fire any more. My family are very surprised by the results!
I really recommend salt therapy to anyone with psoriasis. I am very happy with the treatment.

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Aleyah 4.5yrs – (Allergies)


Aleyah was suffering from watery, itchy eyes, mucous build up, sneezing, coughing and a stuffy nose. I noticed a big improvement after her first visit. Now Aleyah is able to go outside on a windy day and not be bed ridden for a week or two!

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