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Salt Therapy – General Health Benefits

Salt Therapy has been shown to cleanse the airways of bacteria and other airborne particles whilst reducing inflammation of the bronchi. It has also been observed that Salt Therapy reduces the body’s sensitivity to common allergy triggers by reducing the mast cell response to allergens. As a result breathing quality improves.

Salt Therapy also improves the mucociliary clearance function of the lungs, which when combined with improved breathing, leads to the balancing of other bodily systems as oxygen availability is increased. With an improved flow of oxygen from the lung’s cleaner airways, the immune system naturally improves providing better health.

Healthy patients may also notice energy levels rise together with improved aerobic capacity during exercise. The body becomes stronger and more resilient to every day infections and as a result of the desensitisation of the immune response, sleep patterns will improve and acute attacks and the need for medication for patients of chronic conditions can substantially decrease.

Based on European clinical studies, the dry saline diffused air reduces inflammation in the whole respiratory tract; absorbing edema (swelling) from the mucosal lining and widening the airway passages, unclogging blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles and restoring normal transport of the mucous and rapid elimination of the residual tar and foreign allergens from the lungs.

Negative Ions in the Room

There is an added benefit as the process of grinding salt in the halogenerator imparts a negative charge to the particles in the room. This concentration of negative ions has many beneficial effects on the cells of the body. Overall wellbeing and health is enhanced by the negatively charged environment, just like spending a day by the seaside.

You will feel relaxed during the therapy and de-stressed whilst you sit in a comfortable chair for an hour closing off the outside world for a while.

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