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I Have a Cold. Should I Visit The Salt Room?

As we move right in to the heart of the Cold and Flu season, I am often asked if it’s still OK to visit the salt rooms whilst coughing and generally feeling unwell.

Whilst It’s refreshing to hear genuine concern for others’ it’s also the perfect time to be in the salt rooms, giving your body a needed boost. The antiseptic properties of salt greatly assist in combating infection.

But what about the spreading of these illnesses? Well, once the salt begins to flow in the salt room, very little in the way of airborne bacteria or viruses can survive in the highly sterile environment caused by the dry sodium aerosol. In fact, the only risk in transferring illnesses is on your way to the salt room, in a shop or other direct contact with people.


Having said that, we do understand these concerns and we aim to take all possible precautions. So if you are feeling unwell, don’t think you can’t come to the salt rooms. By all means do come, but please advise us that you are ill so we can safely segregate any susceptible people and, where possible, we will always endeavour to give you a private room when you are potentially contagious.


Thinking that you shouldn’t come to the salt rooms when you are feeling ill is like saying ‘don’t go to the Doctors’ when you are ill!” THAT’S when you really need a good dose of salt therapy the most; to beat the winter cold and flu bugs.

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