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Joyce (76) – Bronchiactesis & Asthma


I am back home again in Caboolture. Wanted to let you know how much my time at your rooms helped me. I had heard of Salt Therapy ages ago and then it must have been at least 12 months ago that I saw something on the TV. Then again at the beginning of the year there was another programme on it but it was in Sydney. I was speaking with my daughter and mentioned it, she had never heard of it and then she had a look on the internet, found your place and passed it on to me.
I knew it would work but was amazed that after the first session I was breathing a lot easier. After some more sessions I felt it was the best I had felt since I started getting recurring problems at the beginning of December last year. When I am down in Brisbane again I will certainly visit you (I think my chauffeur will be available at some stage).

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