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Meditation & Breath-Work Classes – In the Salt Room

A new series of Mediation & Breath-Work Classes in the Salt Room is due to start this week. Guided by the wonderful Maryann of Sage-Yoga-Arts.

Classes are being held in two streams:

  • Friday at 1:00pm – commencing 14 March, 2014 (places available on casual basis)
  • Saturday at 8:30am – commencing 15 March, 2014 (currently full)


If you cannot make this series, regular classes will be held throughout the year. Register your interest on 07 3488 0799 or by email at


For first time participants the cost is $140.00 for the 4 Class series ($35 per class)
For repeat series the cost is $120.00 for the 4 Class Series $30 per class)
Casual classes $40 per class

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Places are limited and classes will only be held subject to minimum numbers.

To book your place call 3488 0799

Conscious Breathing

When we breathe consciously, we live consciously. When we breathe consciously, we are present within ourselves, observing and in control of our thoughts and emotions and therefore, available to be ‘active’ in life rather than reactive to life!

When we breathe consciously we engage our meditative mind, where the duality of existence fades and we stop projecting into the future or reliving the past and open ourselves to a heightened awareness; our intuition and all the blessing of the present moment.

When we relax deeply, we release tension and enable our body’s innate healing abilities.

Combined with Salt Therapy, Meditation & Breath-Work can provide the perfect immune boost for the coming winter months.

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