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Salt Therapy

Salt Sanctuary is now open and just in the nick of time… winter is well and truly
here and so is the cold and flu season. Whether you have been struck down with
a cold or the change of season has inflamed an existing respiratory or skin
condition, you can find relief at Salt Sanctuary.

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Dimitri and Amanda Taylor
and we have a beautiful little boy called Lachlan who is almost 1 and is the
light of our life.

Over the years we have always preferred to treat ourselves naturally whether through good
nutrition and exercise or a naturopath when things became a little more challenging.
This has become increasingly important to us since having Lachlan. After a considerable
amount of research into what’s involved in raising a child, we were concerned
about the level of harmful environmental influences that seem to have become a
‘normal’ part of everyday life. Whether it is preservatives, additives or
excessive sugar and fat in processed foods or pharmaceutical products so
readily prescribed for common ailments, maintaining our natural health and
immunity has become much more difficult.

Certainly, life has evolved so much since we were children and since our parents were
children.  The distinction between work and home has become increasingly blurred
with mobile phones, 24/7 access to emails, an increased reliance on convenience
food and a more sedentary lifestyle. The result is often increased stress,
poor nutrition and health. Over the past 10 years we have seen significant
rises in auto immune disorders, asthma, allergies, autism, increased stress
in our daily life, increase in depression and other mental health disorders; could there be a link?

The burning question for us has always been, “How do we contribute positively to the
world?” How can we bring some balance back into our modern lives and improve
our health, using a natural alternative combined with a healthy diet and
exercise? This brings us to our passion for salt therapy.

We are very excited about bringing Salt Therapy, a completely natural drug free alternative,
to Brisbane. It’s such a wonderful therapy which can help so many conditions
that many Australian’s, both young and old, suffer from. A therapy that has
been specifically shown to be beneficial for respiratory and skin conditions
such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, eczema, psoriasis to name a few,
as well as improving general health and wellbeing, and stress relief and
relaxation from the negative ions in the room.

We are offering all new clients their first session for free so that as many people as
possible can try salt therapy. We hope you can join us at Salt Sanctuary, we’d
love to see you experience salt therapy.

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