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Are you having problems breathing in this hot, humid climate?

Is your cough getting worse or your breathing laboured? Unfortunately the current climate is providing 3 major triggers.
Ozone is a highly reactive gas that forms a barrier in the upper atmosphere to filter out UV radiation from the sun, however when the sun and extreme heat combine with car exhaust and other general pollutants it forms ozone here at ground level, greatly impacting our health.
Humidity is a haven for fungal spores which travel through the air. Exposure can cause indoor allergies, respiratory irritations, asthma and skin irritations.
Then to escape the heat we go for air conditioners! Unfortunately they can spread indoor pollutants such as mould, bacteria and mildew. The cold air can also exacerbate an existing cough.
If you fall into any of these categories or indeed wish to prevent becoming a victim to our current climate, a visit to Salt Sanctuary will help. The super fine particles of salt that are infused into the air, are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti- fungal which will help you rid your body of the irritants affecting your health while you sit back and relax. The resident Naturopath, Jenny Allwell can also make a personalised herbal remedy after a half hour consultation.
Don’t let this weather get you down. Fight back!

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