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Salt Therapy for Children

Salt Therapy for Children

Salt Therapy is a 100% drug-free therapy which has been shown in European studies to assist children with respiratory and skin conditions. Natural healing methods are very effective with children because they respond better to salt therapy treatment than adults do.

Separate Salt Room for kids

We understand that children’s and adult’s needs are different during Salt Therapy. While adults want comfort and a peaceful environment in which to relax or sleep, children often require stimulation and entertainment to enable them to happily remain in the therapy room. To provide for these different needs, we have a separate salt therapy room for children where they can watch cartoons and play with toys. Children playing in the room are usually blissfully unaware that they are receiving therapy.

Supervision is Free

We understand that you don’t want to leave your child in a salt room alone, and it would not be cost effective to pay an additional fee for you to watch over your child. At Salt Sanctuary, one child up to 13 years is FREE with each paying adult when in the children’s room.Bubs in SaltHappy babies

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