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Aleasha – now has a healthier, happier little man.

Once our little boy started kindy he regularly caught everything from a runny nose to a full blown bacterial infection. As first time parents we were anxious with any illness but hated seeing our little boy struggle to breathe – we felt so helpless. Many a night we would take turns to lay next to his cot just to listen to his breathing. We had been back to the Doctors multiple times and tried vaporisers, vicks on the feet and chest, baths, steam, elevated bed, nasal sprays and ventolin.

I was then introduced to Jenny at the Salt Sanctuary and took him down for some sessions in the beautiful calm children’s salt room. Our little man loved playing in the salt and enjoying a relaxing hour, and what great results we had. Each time we have been to the salt room he has had a brilliant sleep that afternoon or evening and I feel his breathing becomes better with each session.



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