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The History of Salt Therapy

Speleotherapy Vs Halotherapy

Speleotherapy is a therapeutic method that utilises the unique microclimate of underground salt caves and salt mines to alleviate the symptoms of several respiratory problems and skin conditions.

In 1843, a Polish physician, Dr Feliks Boczkowski, noticed that workers at the Wieliczka salt mine did not suffer from lung disorders that were common at that time. During the ensuing years, Dr Boczkowsk developed a therapy based on his theory that spending time in salt mines could cure ill health. He dubbed this therapy Speleotherapy (Speleo = Greek for Cave).

Halotherapy, otherwise known as Salt Therapy, uses modern technology to reproduce the therapeutic conditions found in natural salt caves in a modern, spa-like room. Salt Therapy patients sit in comfortable chairs and listen to soothing music, while breathing in superfine particles of salt that cleanse the lungs of bacteria, irritants, and pollution; and reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Halotherapy was invented in 1982 in Russia. Since then, thousands of patients have been successfully treated in Russia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Canada. Our partner, The Salt Cave (UK), first introduced this unique therapy in the UK. In its first year of operation, The Salt Cave, in SW London, (Earlsfield) treated over 7000 patients suffering from various respiratory ailments such as congested, blocked and inflamed airways; coughing; breathing discomfort; and asthma attacks. Read their testimonials on our website.

Over the past 20 or so years, researchers and scientists have perfected a unique method to reproduce the microclimate of salt caves. The principal component in this new method is the Breeze Tronic Pro (a medical device) that fans out micro particles of salt into a therapy room. The tiny size of the salt particles ensures that they reach even the smallest bronchia and alveolar in the lungs, and do not irritate the respiratory tract.

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