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3 Benefits of Guided Meditation in the Salt Room

Benefits of Guided Meditation in Salt

If you haven't tried mediation in a salt room before (otherwise known as a salt therapy room), it is something you have to experience to really understand. Put simply it supercharges your immune system and you walk out feeling amazing.

So, what is a salt room and how can it improve meditation I hear you ask?

Well, there are 3 main benefits.

1) Negative Ions

2) The therapeutic-grade salt air

3) Mindfulness Relaxation

Let's start with the basics. What actually is a Salt Room and Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy involves sitting in a specially prepared room which simulates the micro-climate of Eastern European Salt Caves (Speleotherapy). A Dry Sodium Chloride Aerosol solution, with particle sizes between 1 – 5 microns, is prepared by a special medical device and patients relax in comfortable chairs, breathing in the 100% natural, drug free healing properties of Salt.

Let's get back to the 3 main benefits of Meditation in a Salt room.

1) Negative Ions.

In the process of grinding salt into a fine powder, the Medical Device imparts a negative charge to the salt particles – Negative Ions.

Negative ions removes anything that’s positively charged in the air such as bacteria, virus, pollens, dust, dust mites, mildew

It has been well documented that negative ions are associated with improvements in mood and physical health.

Researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow discovered that negative ions are able to help protect the body from induced physical stress.

British researchers at the Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences found negative ions significantly improved all physiological states, particularly during rest.

2) The therapeutic-grade salt air

Patients sit in the artificial Salt Cave breathing in the superfine, dry highly dispersed sodium chloride solution which reaches the entire respiratory tract. Once it interacts with the lining of the bronchi and alveoli, it dissolves and attracts allergens and bacteria which are later coughed up or leave the body via the blood stream.

Don't be concerned by the amount you breathe in compared to the recomended levels of ingestion. What you breathe in is well below the recommended daily intake and would have no detrimental effect to your system, however in the lungs, it kills the bacteria, reduces mucus and relieves inflammation of the respiratory system.

3) Mindful Relaxation

So how does meditation supercharge the effects of dry salt therapy and vice versa?

The dry salt therapy benefits of the negative ions and the salt air will put your body at ease and rejuvenation while the guided meditation will generate a feeling of deeper relaxation including positive long term effects on the brain.

A study showed that of those practicing mindful meditation showed in brains scans more activity, or communication, among the portions of their brains that process stress-related reactions and other areas related to focus and calm. Four months later, those who had practiced mindfulness showed much lower levels in their blood of a marker of unhealthy inflammation.

I can tell you from personal experience that you will really feel the difference with meditation in a salt room more than experiencing Salt Therapy or Meditation alone. You will benefit from the negative ions, salt air and the meditation in a synergistic way.

Meditate With Salt at the Salt Sanctuary

We have two different kinds of guided mediation sessions every month -

A sound Mediation and a Crystal & Sound meditation.

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