• Jenny Allwell

Salt - a saviour for your lungs!

There’s no better feeling than taking a nice, deep breath after setting foot on the beach - fresh, salty, ocean air complemented by the soothing sand under foot and relaxing sounds of the sea. It’s a scene of relaxation, soothing and pure healing; and it’s all thanks to our little friend, salt.

Your lungs are a crucial part of your anatomy; providing much-needed oxygen to ensure vital organs throughout your body operate efficiently and effectively, in enabling you to accomplish your day-to-day tasks. As lung function deteriorates, it can have detrimental flow-on effects to your other organs, and this is why lung health is so important!

Salt has been used for decades as a natural treatment for many of life’s problems. From stress and anxiety to eczema, salt’s natural healing properties have soothed, calmed and relaxed those who have journeyed into the rejuvenating and revitalizing salt rooms. Its rising popularity speaks for itself – it just works.

If your lung function is something you’re concerned about (it’s just not what it used to be), or if you just want to enjoy the salty sea-like air and give your body and general health a shot in the arm, give salt therapy a go.

You’ll be revitalized and breathing easier in no time!

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We love salt therapy!

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