• Jenny Allwell

Did you know Salt Therapy can lift your mood and give you better focus?

Although salt therapy is probably best known for helping improve breathing issues there are many other wonderful benefits from spending time in a salt room. These benefits include improving low mood and enhancing the quality of sleep, issues that can arise for many people.

Negative ions for better mood!
Salt contains negative ions and these are mostly found in very relaxing places such as the beach or a waterfall. So, just as if you were at the beach, these negative ions will help relax your body while you are in the salt room. This will increase your sense of wellness and improve your mental clarity, leading to being better able to focus on those daily tasks.

These negative ions also have a positive effect on your nervous system and this leads to better, more relaxed and longer sleep, which will also help lift mood and improve mental clarity.

Salt therapy has also been shown to increase blood oxygenation by reducing inflammation and clearing your respiratory system which of course is going to give your immune system a boost.

Boost your mood and health with salt therapy!

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