Testimonials from our happy customers who wanted to share their story

Cassandra - RAD (reactive airways disease)

For a good 6 months we had struggled with Daisy’s respiratory issues.

At some stage she had bronchitis (we aren’t sure how long shed had this for as it was about 3 months after hospital visits and constant sickness that we were referred for an X-ray which showed this). She was diagnosed with RAD (reactive airways disease) which is very common in young children, but it meant that any sign of a virus or cold her airways would shut down and she would end up having an attack similar to an asthma attack. On about 6 occasions she was hospitalised, and it was extremely scary watching her struggle to breathe during these periods. Our last hospital admittance was the 4th of May, 4 days before we had our new baby.


Once life had settled with our new baby, Dion booked in to take Daisy to Salt Sanctuary and after only 2 visits I am happy to report we have not had another attack or hospital visit. Hand on my heart I believe it had to do with the salt getting into her chest and clearing up whatever it was that was lingering. Also, after just one visit with Cleo yesterday, she has woken showing a huge improvement today. No dripping nose like the last several days. Looking forward to bringing her again on Friday.

I have put a few posts on my instagram and had a few mums ask me and we are forever telling people about your clinic as we believe it has done our girls a world of good!

Aleasha - Typical Kindy illnesses - Colds and infections

Once our little boy started kindy he regularly caught everything from a runny nose to a full blown bacterial infection. As first time parents we were anxious with any illness but hated seeing our little boy struggle to breathe – we felt so helpless. Many a night we would take turns to lay next to his cot just to listen to his breathing. We had been back to the Doctors multiple times and tried vaporisers, vicks on the feet and chest, baths, steam, elevated bed, nasal sprays and ventolin.

I was then introduced to Jenny at the Salt Sanctuary and took him down for some sessions in the beautiful calm children’s salt room. Our little man loved playing in the salt and enjoying a relaxing hour, and what great results we had. Each time we have been to the salt room he has had a brilliant sleep that afternoon or evening and I feel his breathing becomes better with each session."

Samuel B - 67 - Cough and Sinus

After having the whooping cough injection, I suffered with a bad cough, sinus, a heavy head, aches and pains, and no energy for 2 months. After my first session, I felt a great relief. After 8 sessions, I am almost back to normal...."

Amy B - 31- Asthma

Very bad asthma as well as flu and extreme morning sickness from pregnancy. I had been extremely unwell and feeling very concerned knowing that the medications I have had to take in the past, I would not be able to use because of pregnancy. I instantly felt better after my first treatment and every treatment since I feel better. I was so happy that on the way home I actually cried as I had not had relief like that in over 15 weeks!!!


I have been telling all my family and friends how amazing this place is. One of the most effective healing sessions I have experienced. Very happy customer. Pregnancy can be very scary when you are an asthmatic. I don’t feel like that any more; I have a much safer option"

Aleya - 4 - Allergies

Aleyah was suffering from watery, itchy eyes, mucous build up, sneezing, coughing and a stuffy nose. I noticed a big improvement after her first visit. Now Aleyah is able to go outside on a windy day and not be bed ridden for a week or two!"

Kay - 70 - Psoriasis

I had bad psoriasis. My face was a real mess and my family said I looked like a beetroot!
After a number of session a lot of redness is going and it also doesn’t feel like my face is on fire any more. My family are very surprised by the results!
I really recommend salt therapy to anyone with psoriasis. I am very happy with the treatment.

Dusan - 61 - Poor Sleep and Breathing

I was not sleeping more than 2 to 3 hours at a time without waking up wheezing & coughing up phlegm.
My coughing has improved a lot and I am now sleeping up to 4 to 5 hours at a time before waking up.

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